Dec. 24th, 2006 11:46 pm
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[ profile] yuletide fics are up!

And my story, Pearl Earrings, wins on muchos levels.

It's Discworld! And it's Watch!centric! And SUSAN's even in it! And it's lovely.

It seems as if it cuts off a bit early, before the CASE gets resolved! Wah! Which actually still kinda works as a slice of Watch life thing. I hope for my Santa's sake that there wasn't something wrong in the uploading process, because that is extremely frustrating. Not that I would at ALL complain if I eventually got more story. =D
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Yuletide done and successfully posted last night.

SeSa done and successfully posted about twenty minutes ago.

Allow me to say that I love my SeSa beyond all reason, and I just hope that my recipient is as pleased with it as I am.

Also, oops, I just realized I never wrote a letter to my SeSa author. *guilts!!* But I'm fairly easy to please, so I'm sure I'll love whatever it is she came up with.

Anyway, off to finish getting ready for work. Nothing like working late to PUSH UP YOUR FIC CHALLENGE DEADLINES BY SEVEN HOURS...

Ahem. Anyway. ;)


Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:06 am
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Dear [ profile] yuletide Santa,

Really. I'm not that hard to please at all. That's why my demands tend to be fairly nonspecific. I do like a bit of humor in my fics, but even that's not a hard-and-fast requirement if you absolutely can't manage it. I'm incredibly low maintenance like that. So, really, I can't go into too much more specifics than I put in my request.

All I really ask from you is that you treat the characters with respect. But whatever fandom of mine you're writing in, odds are you're a fan too, so I pretty well trust you in that regard. (Note, I don't say the characters have to treat each OTHER with respect, but I really don't like it when you can tell what characters an author can't stand because they write them too shallowly. I think you kinda know what I'm saying.)

But that's all, really. Thank you so so so so so much in advance for writing me a story in WHICHEVER fandom of those you choose, if you know more than one. I have no preference whatsoever.

Your extremely easy-to-please recipient,
[ profile] dizmo
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Okay, so. I'm obviously a masochist. I just went and signed up for [ profile] yuletide. So, between NaNo, and Yuletide, and DWNOGA...

Come Christmas, I'm never going to want to type another word ever.

But with any luck, I'll get some fun fiction out of it.

I hope.



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