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Erin ([personal profile] dizmo) wrote2007-11-15 12:45 pm
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Okay, so it's that time of year...

Dear Popslash Secret Santa,

First thing's first. I hope you didn't vastly prefer your first assignment, thus making mine a letdown. XD You, on the other hand, are saving my best friend from having to write a decoy story in order to actually write for me. So although she's half-sad about it, it's probably better off in the long run.

Really, I'm not at all difficult to please, despite the fact that I had to resort to an emoticon in my request to make it fit. XD So really, consider the following requests more... guidelines, than rules.

Justin's allowed to be a bitch, if need be, as long as he's reformed by the end of the fic.

In addition, the more Chris-snark, the better.

And even if my pairing only includes two of the boys, I'd like the other three to be present, or at least referred to. :D

Most of all, really, have fun writing it. I guarantee you I'll have fun reading it!



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