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Woo. Stuff.

Yuletide author, if you're stalking me, I'm gonna totally post my dear author letter after I get home from work tonight. Which, granted, won't be until midnight, but. :b REALLY, THOUGH, I'M EASY.

That being said... Meme!

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post a line from the first 30 songs that play.
Step 3: When someone guesses both artist and song correctly, replace the lyrics with his/her name. (If it's a musical, you can name the musical instead of the artist.)
Step 4: Looking the lyrics up on Google or any other search engine is considered CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

1. Been sipping champagne on the boulevards.
2. Love makes me treat you the way that I do. Susan Boyd - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (from the soundtrack to The Mask) ([livejournal.com profile] kittiec)
3. Let your clarity define you. Rob Thomas - Little Wonders ([livejournal.com profile] legally_blond)
4. We swam a sea of pretty sights and chandelier skies.
5. It's groping on your leg until it sleeps. Green Day - Misery ([livejournal.com profile] citharize)
6. Keeping yourself from taking on your perfect dream.
7. I feel like Superman got me up in the sky.
8. Are there lilac trees in the heart of town? My Fair Lady - On the Street Where You Live ([livejournal.com profile] tyriangalley)
9. You came along like a flash of pure lightning.
10. Everybody loves a winner, so nobody loved me. Cabaret - Maybe This Time ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
11. There's a little bit of something me in everything in you. Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone ([livejournal.com profile] dixie_chicken)
12. Anyone who's ever been in love'll tell you that this is no time for a chat. My Fair Lady - Show Me ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
13. Call me a hater if you want to. *NSYNC - It Makes Me Ill ([livejournal.com profile] dixie_chicken)
14. The bell has been raised from its watery grave.
15. All I've got's a moped. Bowling For Soup - Girl All the Bad Guys Want ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
16. Read my lips and come to grips with reality. Aladdin - Prince Ali (Reprise) ([livejournal.com profile] citharize)
17. So tell your man bye-bye and tell him you're long gone. *NSYNC ft. Nelly - Girlfriend Remix ([livejournal.com profile] dixie_chicken)
18. The sound of her laughter will sing in your dreams
19. Kiss the demons out of my dreams. Green Day - Give Me Novocaine([livejournal.com profile] citharize)
20. Boys in three pieces dream of grandstanding and bravado. Fall Out Boy - You're Crashing, But You're No Wave ([livejournal.com profile] lauzziemarie)
21. When did Motley Crue become classic rock? Bowling For Soup - 1985 ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
22. I was waiting for the day you'd come around.
23. She is sweet, she is swank, she is swell.
24. I don't wanna be the reason for your love no more. (This is actually a cover, but I'll totally take the original artist. XD) *NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye (cover by Further Seems Forever) ([livejournal.com profile] ifshadowsoffend)
25. Two tofu dog platter. Rent - La Vie Boheme ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
26. The very words that they had sung became their last communion. Les Miserables - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables ([livejournal.com profile] meemsers)
27. It was committed discreetly, it was handled so neatly. Billy Joel - Surprise ([livejournal.com profile] dine)
28. What we're doing is not a trend. *NSYNC - Pop ([livejournal.com profile] dixie_chicken)
29. I know I've been a fool since you've been gone.
30. Sweet southern winds of liberty prevailing.

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