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Another year another Yuletide! Woo!

And here we go again!

Dear Yuletide Author,

If you browse through my previous Yuletide letters, you'll see that my main comment is that I'm a pretty easygoing recipient. That still holds true. Chances are, if you're happy with what you've written, I'll be thrilled. Chances are if you're not happy with what you've written, I'll be thrilled, too, so, y'know.

Things in general that I like in fic, kind of in brainstormy list type, and really, this is just a rambly thing, I do not need or expect this entire list in any fic you may give me, because yeesh. XD: Humor (but don't feel beholden to it if you don't feel you can pull it off. Like I said, I'm easy. That really goes for this post in general. XD), happy endings, wit, subtle references to strange little canon details that you might not notice if you don't pay attention, or blink, but would totally be awesome on a reread XD, the sense that what's going on could be a missing scene from canon, appearances of other characters that don't necessarily have much to do with what's going on in the story, as long as their appearance isn't ridiculously frivolous, characters finding something funny even if nobody else does, dramatic irony, and general fun times.

Now, to go into a bit more detail on each request individually. Fandom, request, additional detail.

Babylon 5
[GKar/Londo Mollari/Vir Cotto] I would be absolutely thrilled to see something about the changes of the relationship between Londo and G'Kar (which can be from animosity to friendship or animosity to slashtasticness, depending on your preference!) through the eyes of Vir. Because that would be epic. But really, anything involving the three of them would be great!
Squeeeeee, it's Yuletide eligible. Once that was announced, it turned into... Oh, man, what am I kicking out of my nominations? XD So! Should you choose to write this one! I just love the Londo and G'kar dynamic and how it shifts and turns and goodness knows what all from reciprocated unadulterated loathing all the way up until that utter trust (and old-married-couple-esque squabbling, of course!) that they have in each other at the end. Talk about a strong relationship. And Vir. Oh Vir, Vir, Vir, you change as much as the interaction between those two, don't you? And you're utterly lovable the entire way, and you have a unique viewpoint to what's going on and I love you to bits. Seriously, author, anything at all with those three characters, I will be delighted, and... yes.

The Super Dictionary
[El Dragon/Lex Luthor] I kinda wanna see El Dragon having SOMETHING to do with either inadvertently causing or stopping the Infamous Cake Heist of Doom. However, really. you don't even have to feel limited (or even beholden) to the characters I offered. Anything cracktionary related, or in the happy stilted style of the Super Dictionary would be FABULOUS.
Well, given that I moderate a fic comm for it, the fact that I love this completely insane book should be pretty evident. You can practically treat my request as an Any, because, seriously, I won't mind in the least if you go off in a completely different direction from my optional details. Although those optional details would obviously be pretty awesome, too. Because, really. I'm not going into as much detail on this part of the letter as I did the last one. I am not going into as many specifics. However, I really do trust you. I do have faith in what you will manage to write. Throw in some special superdictionary... crackadelic syntax... and I will be putty in your hands.

The Letter People
[Miss U/Mr. Q] What IS the relationship between the enigmatic Mr. Q and Miss U, anyway? Are they destined to be married? Or does one of them have dirt on the other one? Or. y'know. *anything*. (Here's another one of those fandoms that you don't have to feel stuck to the characters I picked.)
This is what I get for remembering kindergarten and hitting up youtube right before fandom nominations. This is probably the fandom I am least expecting to have written for me (as of my writing this letter, in fact, I'm the only one who's offering OR requesting it), but one never does know. Mr. Q is hardly ever seen without Miss U, as one knows quite simply by, well... writing words, quickly or otherwise. ;) It's a fairly interesting dynamic, if you mean... well.... if you mean, 'Erin, you're thinking about over twenty year old low-budget educational children's programming a leeeettle too much there.' So, yeah, anything exploring those two, but... that's another 'I really don't care if you use my character suggestions or prefer to go into the strange quite-possibly-transvestitism of Mr. Y, or the obvious UST between Mr. M and Mr. T, or... even wax rhapsodic on the splendors of the Silly Bull!'. It's essentially an Any prompt in sheep's clothing. ;)

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
[Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood] Next to last page of the book. "She found, in the event, that his face was not the only region of his physiognomy that could be described as multi-appendaged, and she found that fact to carry with it certain marital satisfactions." . I. This is probably really really twisted of me, but I kind of want to read about Marianne's discovery of this fact. ^____^ That being said, any slice of life bit from their marriage would be nice as well, or anything else you can think of with these two.
Yeah, obviously my more optional details segment for this one will tell you write off that I really kinda want what's kind of been glossed over at the end there, which may possibly be to my detriment. XD However, if you think you're not up for HOLY CRAP TENTACLE PORN WHAT?, which dude or dudette, I completely understand, as I would be the exact same way, any slice of life between those two, preferably in a what happened next? kind of sense, would be awesome. Although if you'd like to go with an interaction between them during the course of the novel as well, that'd be splendiferous. Bonus points for IMPENDING DOOMFILLED WRATH OF THE DEEP!

And really, my dear Yuletide author, that's... going to be that. You have successfully gotten the longest author letter I have ever written, I think, which, again, is cuz I'm easy, but... I figured you might want some details as to my thought processes. But if you don't, as I said, feel free to throw this out entirely. I'll probably be just as thrilled either way!


Erin/[livejournal.com profile] dizmo

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