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Because apparently my journal now only really sees activity once a year....

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! It's an absolute pleasure to, well, not exactly meet you, but at least have you lurking about and trying to glean my likes and dislikes. To that end, I'm extremely sorry that my journalposting has trickled down to... well, basically Yuletide stuff over the last few years. Nevertheless, I promise I am thrilled that you are writing for me and the odds are extremely good that I will enjoy the hell out of whatever it is you end up giving me. Because it'll be all mine mine mine! (Okay, and whoever else reads and enjoys it.)

If the sparseness of the journals dismays you from a getting-to-know me sense, feel free to check out my tumblr over at erindizmo. But do not dismay about the tendency towards monofannishness on it as of late, even if that fandom is one that I have requested. If that's not the fandom you end up writing for me, I won't like what you give me any less, I swear. It's just the whole New Shiny effect. You know how it is. :p

Anyway, as for general likes and dislikes, well, you'll probably recognize much of what I'm about to say if you've poked at my previous Yule-letters, but if you can't steal from yourself, who can you steal from? :p

My general likes include banter, happy endings (although I am perfectly fine with bittersweet or even sad if that's where your muse takes you), throwing in little canon details that you might miss on first read but totally make you squee come the second time around, wit, humor, dramatic irony, missing scenes, and in-character-ness. (Of course, IC-ness on some of the fandoms with less characterization is a bit more nebulous, so you obviously have leeway on that point if that's the one we matched on! Also, of course, nobody ever actually tries to write a character OOC, outside of crackfic for the purpose, so don't fret too much about this point. As long as you make a good faith effort, you'll be fine.)

As much as I love fic that feels like it could fit right into canon, I also have a soft spot for AUs, so if you get bitten by an AU bug, go right ahead, I'll more than likely adore it.

Dislikes aren't many. Not really a huge fan of major character death for Yuletide, but other than that, I won't really have much trouble with where you decide to take it. :D

Also, for those fandoms in which I have requested characters, you can totally feel free to add ones that aren't listed, even in a reasonably large capacity, as long as (this probably goes without saying) you keep the focus on the requests. :) Ensemble fics are fun!

And now that I've blathered on quite long enough, on to the nitty-gritty of my requests! It'll go as follows. The requests themselves, a little bit on the fandom, how to access it (should you either need a refresher or decide you just cannot write what we matched on and need to write something else badly!) and why I love it, and then a bit more elaboration on my requests themselves (And please, do not take the relative lengths of the various elaborations as any indicator as to which fandoms I want more. I would be overly thrilled with a gift in ANY of them).

Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson
* Lightsong (Warbreaker)
* Llarimar (Warbreaker)
I would love to see more or less anything of the interaction between these two. And you can do it either after Lightsong's ascension to godhood or before... or even both! It would be interesting to see the shift in their relationship.

Warbreaker is an absolutely lovely fantasy novel (as I'm sure you're aware, if this is the one we matched on.) Brandon Sanderson's worldbuilding is ludicrously impeccable, and as awesome as it is, he doesn't skimp on populating those worlds with absolutely fabulous characters. And this one is no exception. Better yet? If you need a refresher on it, he himself has uploaded a PDF of this one to his website for free download! It's on this page, along with pretty much all of his drafts. (The final version is, of course, the one at the bottom of the 'versions' section.)

My prompt itself pretty much covers what I would love to see. Reading about these two really at any point in their timeline would be fascinating. Seeing them before the rather significant lifechanging event in their lives, knowing what's coming, and seeing how their interactions are different from how they end up? Awesome! Just seeing more of their interaction as we knew them in the novel? Also awesome! Just... these two in general make me happy, and their interplay was pretty great in the book, especially considering the gap in knowledge between them. Absolutely fascinating.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
* Any
I am going to more or less give you carte blanche here. I have irrevocably fallen in love with every single one of the main characters in this show. (Yes, even the ones that a significant number of people dislike. I love them too!) And I'm really liking the side characters, also! So I'm not going to be disappointed no matter what you give me. I'll say, basically, have at! But I'll also toss some ideas in my DYA letter in case you need SOMETHING.

Ah, AoS. (Watchable at abc.com or here on hulu!) I've been overjoyed at the thought of this series since October 13 of last year when Clark Gregg's casting was announced. And I am not any less overjoyed at the series now that we have some of it. Basically, I came for the Coulson, and I've stayed for the everybody. Including the Coulson.

That said, when I go specifically into my prompt, Coulson was not actually eligible to be nominated. And that is perfectly peachy keen with me! I have absolutely no trouble finding Coulson-fic to read on a daily basis. So of course he can appear, and can even be in it quite a bit, but I would honestly prefer to read something focused on other character(s). Whichever one or ones you offered, in fact. (Also, as much as I adore Clint/Coulson, don't feel you have to toss some in there. On balance, I would prefer if you didn't for this particular exchange (but I won't be huffy and grumpy if that's where your muse takes you).) But as for pairings aside from that? Seriously... I SHIP EVERYONE ON THIS BUS!!!! If you want to write a pairing? Write a pairing. Seriously. Any pairing. At all. Or none. I will be overjoyed either way.

So what should you write? The fic of your heart! Don't have a fic of your heart? I'll just toss out a few thoughts. You can incorporate any or all or none of them, to your heart's content. Lab shenanigans with Fitzsimmons! Dr. Streiten musing on just what it's like when doctor-patient confidentiality turns into doctor-patient's boss confidentiality, with the patient being left in the dark. Skye, trying to reconcile the gray areas that SHIELD is involved in now that she's learning more about them. Mike Peterson and his recuperation after his run-in with the Night-Night Gun. Ward trying to figure out what this whole People Skills thing is all about. When Franklin Hall was teaching baby SHIELD science recruits, was it a refreshing change from the being shuttled around from place to place? May, trying to reconcile her place as a SHIELD legend who wants to be anything but. Maria Hill wondering if this team of Coulson's is going to work out at all. Or anything else you think of! Run free like an unfettered stallion! Fly like a '62 Corvette! Woooo! (Also? I am as aware as you are that this is an ongoing canon, so if something gets jossed between you conceiving it and me reading it on Christmas morning? That is totally fine with me.)

Qbo Meets Qbo (YouTube Video)
*Daniel 123
*Jane 234
This video was just adorable. I just want more of the two bots! Somehow! If Daniel 123's face sounded familiar, did they meet before? Or did Jane 234 just know a similar Qbo? Ooo, backstory! Or explore the budding romance, because you cannot tell me Daniel 123 wasn't totally flirting. Or you could go another direction entirely and do some crazy postapocalyptic Wall-E-esque scenario. Really? Anything goes. The 'canon' being so short means you have a lot of room to play in.

Qbo Meets Qbo is a YouTube video that is under two minutes long and is really a prototype product demonstrtation more than anything. But it's nevertheless adorable! Flirting robots! Who doesn't like flirting robots? That said, my prompt pretty much covers it. I just want more adorable baby-faced robots who can identify themselves in mirrors. :D

Old Spice Commercials
*Man Covered in Hawks (Old Spice 'Poker Face' Commercial)
*Man Covered in Wolves (Old Spice 'Irresistible' Commercial)
Frankly? I want these two to meet. Do the hawks get along with the wolves? Is there macho posturing going on? Is there just inherent acknowledgement of their respective coolness? What reactions do other people have if they see them together? What does Animal Control think? You are under no requirement to actually answer any of these questions. But I would just love to see what happens when the two of them interact.

Two Old Spice commercials! Poker Face and Irresistible. When you see two commercials with immensely suave dudes... with ridiculous numbers of animals crawling on them... you kinda want to see what happens when they meet. My prompt basically says so and there's not much elaborating I can do on that score. If you go for this one, I would absolutely love to see what you come up with.

Nested (Browser Game)
Obviously, it is hard to nominate specific characters when absolutely everything is randomly generated, and you have literal universes to work in. Really, just tooling around Nested, I have come across so many tiny little stories that could be expanded on, from the secret thoughts of animals and nanobots to sad little tragedies in the psyches of tourists. If you play around and you find something? Go for it. (Far from required, but an awesome bonus? Include screenshots of what provided inspiration!)

From the man who brought you the timewaster that is Cookie Clicker, have the entire freaking universe. Nested is really just a randomly generated universe simulator... okay, multiple universes, because you'll find more. It has everything from the freakishly disturbing thoughts of cats to the hidden (censored) files on people's computers. And spacefaring civilizations and chipper nanobots... and dragons... and once I discovered a trapped demonic being in the core of a gas giant. But then you can also find strangely poignant things like a woman's thoughts including 'I miss her.' and memories including 'The day my daughter got sick.' And you will CRY.

Anyway, just play around. Explore! Find stories! See if they wind together, see if they don't, but find something that spurs on your imagination, and I'm sure I will absolutely adore it.

Corruption of Champions
*The Champion (Corruption of Champions)
*Kelt (Corruption of Champions)
*Whitney (Corruption of Champions)
*Marble (Corruption of Champions)
So the farm is probably one of the sanest places in the extremely fucked up world that is this game. So I'm requesting the Champion and then the denizens of the farm. I will say, though, that you're not required to include everyone, and you can pick and choose. But I want the Champion (who can be absolutely any configuration you'd like from fresh through the portal up to... strange bizarre freak of nature with animal parts and multiple sex organs) spending some time on the farm. It can be as depraved as you want, or you can set yourself a perversely backwards challenge and try to manage writing some fluffy gen-fic in this game world. I'm interested in seeing what you do with it.

So. Corruption of Champions. Text-based, extremely not safe for work... probably not safe for life, and I mean that... fetish game, located here. WARNING: If this is not what we were matched on and you're just fandom exploring, tread with caution. There are a ridiculous number of common triggers in the game, and graphic descriptions of non-consensual sexual activity are nigh-unavoidable. It's very over the top and can be hilariously so if you're in the mood for it, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

That said, yes. I toyed with nominating this fandom last year, and then forgot when noms rolled around. Didn't forget this time, and yes. Whitney's Farm. Whatever characters you'd like to focus on. Kelt and his tendency to be a complete and utter douchenozzle? Go for it! Whitney's stability? Yes! Marble's sweet disposition? By all means! Binging on canine peppers and Marble's milk? Surely! Any combination of the above? Sure! Referencing canon-possible events elsewhere? Why not?! Covering canon-possible events at the farm itself? Yeah! Bringing in other characters? Yeah, okay! But yes, obviously, given the canon, I won't bat an eye to getting porn on Yuletide. Given my prompt, though, even with the nature of the canon, I won't be upset if I don't, either. (I'd probably tip my hat to your ingenuity!)

And that is that! More than any of my optional details (which are optional! You are not beholden to them!), the most important thing is that you have fun with writing whatever it is you're going to give me. If you enjoyed writing it, there is no doubt in my mind that I will enjoy reading it. Have a great Yuletide, and I hope it all works out flawlessly for you!

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