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Time for my yearly actual use of this journal for POSTING...

... which means it must be time for...

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! If you decide or have decided to browse through my other assorted Dear Author letters (ESPECIALLY last year's...) over the years, you'll probably noticed I've cribbed a good portion of this letter (and even two of my prompts!) from them, but things get slightly refined over time. You know how it goes. Besides, plagiarizing from yourself is the only plagiarizing that's actually reasonably ethical! :p

That said, hello! Welcome to my letter, I hope it helps to alleviate any possible stress over your assignment instead of making it worse.

If you're trying to glean my personality or general demeanor from my journal here, then I am extremely sorry for its sparseness over the last few years, but feel free to check out my tumblr, if that's the kind of thing that helps you out. If you could care less, then great, carry on!

My general likes include banter, happy endings (although I am perfectly fine with bittersweet or even sad if that's where your muse takes you), throwing in little canon details that you might miss on first read but totally make you squee come the second time around, wit, humor, dramatic irony, missing scenes, and in-character-ness. (Of course, nobody ever actually tries to write a character OOC, outside of crackfic for the purpose, so don't fret too much about this point. As long as you make a good faith effort, you'll be fine.)

As much as I love fic that feels like it could fit right into canon, I also have a soft spot for AUs, so if you get bitten by an AU bug, go right ahead, I'll more than likely adore it.

Dislikes aren't many. Not really a huge fan of major character death for Yuletide, even if I don't mind reading it on a normal basis. :D Also, and I really doubt this will be much of a problem, but in the interest of full disclosure, depiction of injury to fingernails or toenails skeeves me out more than I can even begin to describe, so if somehow you have a bunny where that might come up, even if it wouldn't really fit in the majority of the fandoms I requested, maybe try to avoid it? Other than that, though, I won't really have much trouble with where you decide to take the fic!

Also, don't feel tied down to the characters I've requested. You can totally feel free to add ones that aren't listed, even in a reasonably large capacity, as long as (this probably goes without saying) you keep the focus on the requests. :) Ensemble fics are fun!

And now that I've blathered on quite long enough, on to the nitty-gritty of my requests! It'll go as follows. The requests themselves, a little bit on the fandom, how to access it (should you either need a refresher or decide you just cannot write what we matched on and need to write something else badly!) and why I love it, and then a bit more elaboration on my requests themselves (And please, do not take the relative lengths of the various elaborations as any indicator as to which fandoms I want more. I would be overly thrilled with a gift in ANY of them).

Watership Down - Richard Adams
* El-ahrairah
* Rabscuttle (Watership Down)
If you're up for it, I would absolutely love an all new tale of these two, framed as a lapine folktale being told in some warren somewhere, whether we've heard of it or not. If not, just a straight-up story of El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle without a frame around it would be amazing too! I love El-ahrairah's trickery and cleverness and Rabscuttle's support.

Ahhhh! Watership Down! I have loved this book since I was probably about... oh, twelve? And it may well have solidified, along with the Redwall series, my love of fantasy from a young age. Anyway, if you've read it, you know how it goes. Rabbits! Adventure! Really awesome worldbuilding and culture building. If you haven't, and you're here for one of the other fandoms, I do recommend it! It's at Amazon here in paper and ebook formats.

As for my prompt itself, I don't really know how much elaboration it really needs. The rabbit folktales were some of my favorite parts of the novel, and I have gone back and read each of them over and over, and I just love El-ahrairah as a trickster figure, and always always loyal ol' Rabscuttle. It's just one of those cases where I can never have enough and am always willing to get moooore!

Rookie of the Year (1993)
* Henry Rowengartner
The first thought I had in my mind, and what prompted me to request this fandom in the first place? What would it be like for Henry AFTER the season depicted in the movie? To be the middle school kid in Chicago that happened to be a critical piece of that happy alternate universe in which the Cubs actually won the World Series more recently than 1908? How would he manage to deal with the notoriety that comes from that, which I'm sure would be even greater than that which came from being on the team in the first place? (If this does not tickle your fancy, I have other ideas for you in my letter, as my feelings about Henry are VAST AND EXPANSIVE.)

Rookie of the Year. Rookie of the Year. 1993 movie in which a 12 year old breaks his arm and the tendons heal "a little tight", giving him a massively insane fastball, ultimately getting him in the Cubs bullpen in defiance of all logic, and, SPOILERS, ultimately does what I wish deep in my heart of hearts would happen in real life, gives the Cubs a World Series championship. Sadly not available on Netflix streaming (or happily, as I would be WATCHING IT ALL THE TIME) but it is on Amazon instant video for your refresher needs. (Ignore odd baseball factual errors such as a division championship going directly to the WS because lol.)

ANYWAY. My prompt! First, if you come up with anything Henry-centric whatsoever, I'll probably be pleased as punch. The one actually listed on my prompt is just one thought. Others? Let's see.... Henry as an adult. Does he try to become a pro ballplayer again the long way round? Does he succeed? Does he go some other baseball-connected route like scouting or broadcasting? Does he end up in some other career entirely, but still showing up at the annual Cubs convention every winter to share his love with the fans? (And also regular trips to throw out the first pitch, not unlike the Cubs ACTUALLY HAVE THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS DO practically every year?) Or maybe Henry during that magical year? What happened in those moments we didn't see? Really, you'll pretty much do no wrong if you just write it with love and enthusiasm. (I am a Cubs fan DEEP WITHIN MY BONES and have been since forever and the experience has provided me with joy and tears and lots and lots and lots (and lots) of frustration. And it has also provided me with a great appreciation for this cheesy movie. XD

Cutthroat Kitchen RPF
* Alton Brown
I am going to give you more or less free reign on this one. I love the Mischievously Evil Alton as depicted in the show, bringing in those cruel cruel sabotages with glee and relish. Exploring the persona during the course of an episode would be fun, or, if you want to go a different direction, normal-life Alton thinking about that persona and how the sabotages force chefs to have to simplify down to the basics of cooking each dish and how to get it done would be fun. Or really, anything you think up would be lovely! And feel free to bring in any of the judges or even contestants!

Cutthroat Kitchen! Food Network competition show! Alton Brown hosting and providing professional chefs with some of the MOST HORRIBLE COOKING CONDITIONS OF ALL TIME. I fear I may be slightly twisted as evidenced by how much I adore it.

This is another example of the fact that I don't think I really need to elaborate all that much on my prompt. You can go with something where Evil!Alton IS Alton, or you can absolutely play with the fact that it's a persona for the show, and, yeah, feel free to toss in any other Cutthroat Kitchen personages you like! (If you are truly interested and need to know for the purpose of adding in others, my favorite judge is probably Jet, followed closely by Antonia and her hilarious love of processed foods. XD)

Corruption of Champions
* The Champion
* Kelt
* Marble
* Whitney
So the farm is probably one of the sanest places in the extremely fucked up world that is this game. So I'm requesting the Champion and then the denizens of the farm. I will say, though, that you're not required to include everyone, and you can pick and choose. But I want the Champion (who can be absolutely any configuration you'd like from fresh through the portal up to... strange bizarre freak of nature with animal parts and multiple sex organs) spending some time on the farm. It can be as depraved as you want, or you can set yourself a perversely backwards challenge and try to manage writing some fluffy gen-fic in this game world. I'm interested in seeing what you do with it.

So. Corruption of Champions. Text-based, extremely not safe for work... probably not safe for life, and I mean that... fetish game, located here. WARNING: If this is not what we were matched on and you're just fandom exploring, tread with caution. There are a ridiculous number of common triggers in the game, and graphic descriptions of non-consensual sexual activity are nigh-unavoidable. It's very over the top and can be hilariously so if you're in the mood for it, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

That said, yes. Whitney's Farm. Whatever characters you'd like to focus on. Kelt and his tendency to be a complete and utter douchenozzle? Go for it! Whitney's stability? Yes! Marble's sweet disposition? By all means! Binging on canine peppers and Marble's milk? Surely! Any combination of the above? Sure! Referencing canon-possible events elsewhere? Why not?! Covering canon-possible events at the farm itself? Yeah! Bringing in other characters? Yeah, okay! But yes, obviously, given the canon, I won't bat an eye to getting porn on Yuletide. Given my prompt, though, even with the nature of the canon, I won't be upset if I don't, either. (I'd probably tip my hat to your ingenuity!)

City of Thieves - David Benioff
* Lev
* Kolya
The only reason I'm not leaving this blank is because I know from personal experience how terrifying *no* direction is. I just love the interplay between these two in the middle of an impossible situation. Friendship fic, slash, something hilarious, something angsty as hell centering on Kolya's death, I will take aaaanything your heart desires and be thrilled for it.

So! City of Thieves! (Over here on Amazon in paper and ebook.) Wartime novel set in WWII Leningrad during the siege. Two strangers tossed together on an unlikely mission and becoming friends in the process. Fabulous book which manages to blend together multiple tones, from comedy, to pathos, to horror, to tragedy. And does it well.

I really really like this book and it all hinges on the bond between Lev and Kolya. As my prompt says, I'm giving you more or less free reign on this one! I'd love missing scene fic. I'd love a small intimate inner monologue about what one of them thinks about the other. Hell, I'd like an AU where they're hockey players or farmers or cosmonauts or tigers or something ridiculous. As long as you keep the characters recognizable, I am putty in your hands. :)

And that is that! More than any of my optional details (which are optional! You are not beholden to them!), the most important thing is that you have fun with writing whatever it is you're going to give me. If you enjoyed writing it, there is no doubt in my mind that I will enjoy reading it. Have a great Yuletide, and I hope it all works out flawlessly for you!

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