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And Memes could be a bonus #11. ;)

Ten things I love beginning with M. Letter provided by [livejournal.com profile] soloecal, who does not in herself start with an M, but I love her just the same. If you want a letter, just ask! :D

1. Mississippi

Yes. Home of my dearest and bestes Rainee of all time. I couldn't possibly find any way to make Rainee herself start with an M, and saying Miss Rainee would have been SUCH a cop-out. Ergo. Mississippi is for love. Meaning Rainee.

And bonus points for Lance. Rock on!

2. Maja

Maaaaaaaajajajajajajaja. SHE WRITES PAIRINGLISTS FOR ME BECAUSE I CAN LIKE NEVER BE ARSED. That's just first of all lovely. So there. And all that stuff. I could have gone with Maryland, sticking with a theme, but she actually DOES begin with M, so nyah.

3. Marika

AKA my partner in staying up ass-late after everyone else is in bed. Which probably has netted me more chat-time with her than with pretty much anyone else in Spohali. Yaaaaaaay Rika! \o/

4. Mara, aka Peri

THANK YOU PERI FOR REMINDING ME THAT YOU ACTUALLY DID REALLY HAVE AN M NAME. It made this meme ever so much easier. Three cheers for you, my everlasting partner in Flufferdom. Even if you'll always make me feel old.

5. Metallicar

And the two guys riding in it, of course. Nuff said.

6. Mythbusters


7. Mmrs

Thnks fr thm, Fll T By! :D

... Should I have taken out the y at the end there? I mean, it's kind of acting like a vowel... Oh well. Whatever.

8. Mythology

Loved it since I was a young thing. Still will pounce on almost any book I see with a premise revolving around Olympians. Woohoo!

9. Mouse Ears

Really. When Rainee and I went to Disneyworld? Buying my ass a pair of mouse ears with my name embroidered on the back was PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. :D

10. Money

I mean, not in the insane shallow kind of way, or anything, else I wouldn't work in a bookstore 9.9 But it's nice to be able to, y'know, buy stuff! :D

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oooo me I want a letter!

Mythbusters is an awesome show, I watch it every morning.