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It's that time of year...

Time for a...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

... Man, I am out of practice. I never actually got around to writing my DYW letter last year, and I still feel kind of guilty about that, although I ended up adoring the fic I got, I don't want to leave anyone without additional info that they might want, so here I am!

And right now I am going to liberally crib from my '09 letter:

If you browse through my previous Yuletide letters, you'll see that my main comment is that I'm a pretty easygoing recipient. That still holds true. Chances are, if you're happy with what you've written, I'll be thrilled. Chances are if you're not happy with what you've written, I'll be thrilled, too, so, y'know.

Things in general that I like in fic, kind of in brainstormy list type, and really, this is just a rambly thing, I do not need or expect this entire list in any fic you may give me, because yeesh. XD: Humor (but don't feel beholden to it if you don't feel you can pull it off. Like I said, I'm easy. That really goes for this post in general. XD), happy endings, wit, subtle references to strange little canon details that you might not notice if you don't pay attention, or blink, but would totally be awesome on a reread XD, the sense that what's going on could be a missing scene from canon, appearances of other characters that don't necessarily have
much to do with what's going on in the story, as long as their appearance isn't ridiculously frivolous, characters finding something funny even if nobody else does, dramatic irony, and general fun times.

... All of this? Still perfectly true. I'll also mention that if you get the urge, as much as I love fic that feels like it could be canon under the right circumstances, I do also like AUs. So if you get bitten by an AU fic bunny and want to run with it, I will quite happily go along for the ride.

Time to give you more detail on my indvidual prompts.

The Avengers (2012)
[Clint Barton, Phil Coulson] Coulson is bar none my favorite character in the Marvel Movieverse. And I have quite happily jumped on the ship that resulted from about 47 seconds of actual screentime in Thor. But no worries, I'm also perfectly happy with gen if you can't slash these two. What I'd most like to see is something dealing with their contrast in personalities. Phil is obviously a bit more businesslike, despite the occasional flashes of dry humor, and Clint attempting to get him to loosen up even a bit is fabulous.
Okay, first, can I just say I am entirely too gleed by the fact that a movie that isn't even OUT for another six months is up for Yuletide? And that the only two characters nominated kind of happen to be one of my OTPs in the fandom? Right. Anyway. Everything I said up there about being easy to please? Goes twenty times over for this prompt. I love the Marvel movieverse, although as far as comics go, I tend to be MUCH more of a DC fan, so you really don't have to worry about me nitpicking against Marvel comic continuity and characterization (not that that's much of a problem with Coulson in the first place) as I know next to nothing about it at this point. :b I am fairly convinced I have thus far read if not ALL, at least 97% of the Coulson fic on the internet, and I have rarely been really disappointed by it. (God, he is such a BAMF. SUCH. A. BAMF. ... I cannot squee enough about that man, I swear.) And the dynamic set up by that ridiculously brief scene? Makes me happy, and I really hope to see more of it in the movie. Like... a lot. Right. Phil! Clint! Snarkiness! Dry wit! I will be on the floor with glee! Throw in any of the other characters? At all? I'll ALSO be on the floor with glee! I'm so freaking easy.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
[Chubby Hubby, Cherry Garcia] I would totally love to see a sordid covert romance between Chubby and Cherry, but in this fandom, seriously, you can write me *anything*, and I'll be perfectly thrilled with it. You don't even have to limit yourself to nominated flavors. You have free reign if you come up with a better idea. :)
... Yeaaah. I just love the idea of anthropomorphizing ice cream. Especially with the crazy flavor names they come up with. But yeah, I really do mean it when I say you don't have to limit yourself to the characters I offered, I'm just throwing it out there if you wanted a bit of guidance. If instead you want to write a ridiculous fantasy epic involving the treacherous Rocky Road... or even Vanilla's surprisingly non-vanilla proclivities... seriously, anything your little heart desires, I WILL BE BEHIND YOU ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. PS. My own personal favorite flavor is butter pecan. So I'd love even a throwaway mention. :)

City of Thieves - David Benioff
[Lev Beniov, Kolya Vlasov] The only reason I'm not leaving this blank is because I know from personal experience how terrifying *no* direction is. I just love the interplay between these two in the middle of an impossible situation. Friendship fic, slash, something hilarious, something angsty as hell centering on Kolya's death, I will take aaaanything your heart desires and be thrilled for it.
I love this book. I love these characters. I'd love missing scene fic. I'd love a small intimate inner monologue about what one of them thinks about the other. Hell, I'd like an AU where they're ostriches or something ridiculous. As long as you keep the characters recognizable, I am putty in your hands. :)

The Letter People
[Mr. Q, Miss U] Poor Mr. Q can't even hardly speak with out Miss U around to help him out. They're virtually inseperable! Makes me wonder what they talk about and do when they're not forming words! If you show me, I'd be QUITE gleeful. And load it with all the Q words you can. XD
Ahahah, here's another case where I can crib from my last letter. *innocent* As I put it... 'This is what I get for remembering kindergarten and hitting up youtube right before fandom nominations. This is probably the fandom I am least expecting to have written for me (as of my writing this letter, in fact, I'm the only one who's offering OR requesting it), but one never does know. Mr. Q is hardly ever seen without Miss U, as one knows quite simply by, well... writing words, quickly or otherwise. ;) It's a fairly interesting dynamic, if you mean... well.... if you mean, 'Erin, you're thinking about over twenty year old low-budget educational children's programming a leeeettle too much there.' So, yeah, anything exploring those two, but... that's another 'I really don't care if you use my character suggestions or prefer to go into the strange quite-possibly-transvestitism of Mr. Y, or the obvious UST between Mr. M and Mr. T, or... even wax rhapsodic on the splendors of the Silly Bull!'. It's essentially an Any prompt in sheep's clothing. ;)' <--- Yep. That.

So there you have it. My letter to you, dear author. Just... have fun writing for me, and I know I'll have fun reading it. Can't wait to thank you by name come January! :D

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I sincerely hope that I'm assigned your Ben & Jerry's prompt because it's beautiful and amazing. If not - I have this bookmarked for later and will definitely write it as a treat!