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It's that time of year....

Dear Yuletide Writer!

Yay! You want to write for me! Rest assured that I am probably one of the most easy-to-please recipients you could possibly ask for. But I also know the pleasing stability that comes along with having a little more to go on than what shows up in the request, so here is a letter for you! I will probably be liberally cribbing from previous years' Yuletide letters, but hey.

My general likes include banter, happy endings (although I am perfectly fine with bittersweet or even sad if that's where your muse takes you), throwing in little canon details that you might miss on first read but totally make you squee come the second time around, wit, humor, dramatic irony, missing scenes, and in-character-ness, although a lot of my requests this year are anthropomorfic, so you have a lot more leeway on that score.

As much as I love fic that feels like it could fit right into canon, I also have a soft spot for AUs, so if you get bitten by an AU bug, go right ahead, I'll more than likely adore it.

Dislikes aren't many. Not really a huge fan of major character death for Yuletide, but other than that, I won't really have much trouble with where you decide to take it. :D

P.S. For any of my fandoms, feel more than free to add any of the other characters in any capacity, but I'd still like the focus to be on the requested ones, obviously. I love ensemble-fics too, so yay! :)

Now, on to my individual requests:

Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon)
* Phil Coulson
Obviously, the life of a high school principal generally involves things other than wrangling teenaged superheroes, and we've seen glimpses of Coulson not being immune to the other parts of the job. (And, in many cases, he is even extremely overinvested in those other parts.) I would kind of love to see what he gets up to when he's not having to deal with the main kids, and perhaps what sort of unorthodox solutions his S.H.I.E.L.D. training leads him to!

My love for Coulson is completely unhealthy. Should this be the fandom you matched on, be known that as I write this, I'm in the middle of a hugenormous Coulson Lives kick from the NYCC announcement that was just yesterday and this morning's Ultimate Spidey ep what with the date with Aunt May and everything. The fact that USM!Coulson is quite a bit different from MCU!Coulson has not escaped my (or hopefully anyone's!) notice, and I love both versions and am looking forward to seeing a fic with this one. Really, any kind of Coulson-centric fic, even if it ignores my optional details entirely, and I will be happy as a clam, particularly if it at least alludes to his utter badassery. Bonus points for referring to his Captain America fanboyism!

AO3 Tags
* Freeform Tags
On my tumblr, I have gone into a number of appreciative rambles of some of the more idiosyncratic freeforms that people use to tag their fics (As evidenced here: Link to my tumblr rants ). I think it would be fun to see just some wacky freeform tags (of your choosing, as goodness knows there are plenty out there!) hanging around with each other and goofing off.

I'm going to kinda caution against character hate on this one. I know that crazy freeforms are a bit of a divisive topic in some circles, but they please me greatly and have from the outset. Yeah, too many of them at once, and I'll roll my eyes, but as a rule, they make me smile. Anyway, really, this request is kinda self-explanatory. There is a completely hilarious pool of freeforms you can choose from, and seeing how their personalities might or might not match up to their names would be hilarious to see. Of course, if you have some other idea, such as using freeforms as a whole as one monolothic anthropomorph, chatting with the other varieties of tags, or going on an Adventure to Save the Fic or something, go for it.

Solar System (Anthropomorfic)
* Earth
* Mars
I know that Jupitearth is the latest fad as far as spaceshipping goes. (... In as much as anything can be called the latest fad in that respect, but I digress), but Earth and Mars have so much more history. I secretly ship it, but even BFF fic would be lovely. Bonus points for guest appearances by the rovers!

This is the fic I'm gonna be most inclined to say HAVE AT IT with. Characterization, plot, anything you want? I am more or less open to any interpretation possible. From full on lovers (and ahahah, the thought of a crazy NC-17 planetfic loaded with kinks or whatever kind of amuses me) to bickering siblings that secretly love each other.. (Moooom! Earth keeps throwing rovers at meeeeee...) I will take it all and be utterly joyous.

Robin Hood (Disney 1973)
* None
No need to deer-in-headlights at the lack of character requests! Seriously, if you want to, you can write any sort of fic with any of the main characters you'd like! I would be completely thrilled! But what was I thinking requesting none? I think it would be kind of need to see a view-from-the-galley kind of thing, with OC peasants, maybe, or even background critters in court, and their lives around this epic movie, when they might not ever meet Robin, or just see him in passing, or have to give taxes over to the Sheriff, or just happen to be cheering at the archery competition. Really, anything set to the side of the movie would be really fun to read.

Again, don't take my optional details (which are optional!) as a requirement. I just love the thought of seeing what goes on in the daily lives of background extras, NPCs, if you will, because they do have their own lives, which may or not be all that great, but they're still theirs. Even if you decide not to go with it, though, I'll love what you give me with the main characters, so don't be concerned. A day in the life of Kluck and Marian? Go for it! Robin and Friar Tuck planning the best way to give to the poor? Great! The adventures of Richard off in the Crusades? Okay! Seriously, I'll be happy if you're happy. It's one of my favorite Disney animated flicks and has been since I was a kid.

Okay, now that that's taken care of, I hope you feel slightly less daunted than you may have been at the beginning. Just have fun writing it and I have no doubt I'll have fun reading it! Happy Yuletide, my darling author!