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Erin ([personal profile] dizmo) wrote2007-04-15 12:05 pm
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Okay, I might as well.

Anecdote game, gacked from EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER.

Poster Instructions
- Make a post to begin the game.
- Provide the rules.
- Offer a list of your characters if necessary. (Note, if you know I've played anyone NOT in the two lists, feel free.)
- Respond to the replies with answers to questions and/or anecdotes following prompts.

Commenter Instructions
- Look over the list or think of characters you know that the poster writes or plays.
- Reply with the name of one or more characters as well as one or more of the following prompts:
+ A question
+ A situation
+ A word
- Offer as many prompts for as many characters as you like.

Now, I'm going to work pretty soon here, but I'll totally work on any I get while I'm gone when I get back tonight. Or something. Yes. :)

[identity profile] coppertone.livejournal.com 2007-04-16 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
+ Has the International Express Delivery Dude ever gone on vacation? If so, what did he do there?

>_> More when I get home, perhaps. :D