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Okay. OotP.

While I'm still fresh from the movie, and mulling it over, I will offer my reactions.

But first. Entered the theater way late because I was waiting in line for the 12:15 showing for a while after they already LET my 11:59 one in. So seats were amazing crap. Right down in front and ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT. But.

Hahah. While I was waiting in the wrong line, IN MY COSTUME, (which, there was nobody else in costume IN line, that I saw. But there were quite a few in the theater, so I felt less freakish)... A pair of teenage girls came up to me. They wanted to know if one of them could take a picture of me with her friend. XD I did. So if I randomly show up on a random myspace with a caption like 'LOOK AT THE TREMENDOUS GEEK HAHAHA', I would not be surprised. XD

After I figured OUT I was in the wrong line, and went to enter the theater, some guy saw me and totally air-wand Expelliarmus-ed at me.. I promptly pulled out my non-air-wand from my wand-pocket. He actually freaked out and clung to his friend. I died laughing.



But once it got to the end, say... I dunno, I'd pin it as once the aurors showed up at the Department of Mysteries, it kinda became... I dunno... meh.. to me.

Maybe it was just because I came in expecting to be TOTALLY FREAKING BLOWN AWAY by the climax and denouement and stuff. And instead, it was just REALLY DAMN GOOD. So that ended up being disappointing, oddly enough.

(Of course, this opinion may change upon seeing it in IMAX 3-D with my dad after he gets back in town after the Deathly Hallows release.)

ANYWAY. Bits I remembered.

Oh my GOD, the first occlumency lesson. I'd SEEN the clip, I knew EXACTLY what was coming, but thank GOD it was a darkened theater, because Rickman was SO AMAZINGLY HOT there that I was, I swear upon all that is holy, blushing profusely.

I DESPISE DOLORES UMBRIDGE. And Staunton played her WONDERFULLY. Every time I saw her, my stomach churned.

I heart Luna.

As a Ravenclaw, I am personally affronted by what they did to Cho. :b Yes, it was lightened a bit with the veritaserum mention later on, but I wanted to lay the smack down on the girl behind me that was all "I. Hate. Cho. Chang." over and over during the betrayal-thing.

And then a smattering of the crowd applauded when Harry gave her the cold shoulder. D:<
The DA scenes were LOVELY. And Neville got BIG ROUSING APPLAUSE for the successful Expelliarmus.

Snape and Lucius were both lovely in this movie.

Percy is a git. I am so glad they included him. But I cannot stand him.

Grawp was adorable. XD

Maybe part of what bugged me about the ending was that it almost seemed that they were trying to cram too much into what time was left.

Sirius's death was amazingly anticlimactic. But then, it was in the book too, so spot on. XD


Heheh. Dumbledore's got style.

I swear, when Umbridge THAT BITCH suggested the Cruciatus curse, I swear I went "WHAT?" all out loud and stuff. It's been a bit since I read the book... DID THAT HAPPEN?

But omg BUT I MUST NOT TELL LIES. Such. Fucking. Snap.

Oh. And I admittedly did like Sirius clocking Lucius. :D

Oh, and now, randomly, having more to do with book seven speculation than movie five, although the prophecy makes it relevant.

I don't think JKR's gonna kill Harry off.

Mostly because I think if she WERE going to, she wouldn't have mentioned it as a possibility SO DAMN OFTEN.


Anyway, that is all. Thank you.

[identity profile] sagemuraken.livejournal.com 2007-07-11 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I just returned from seeing it and I have to agree about Cho. You'd think there'd be some understanding (from the others) after the Veritaserum reveal since that then made it not her fault.

[identity profile] arwensommer.livejournal.com 2007-07-11 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
... You know... Encouraging me to even -buy- a mini-button machine is a bad, BAD idea, Erin... VERY BAD! ;)

[identity profile] sagemuraken.livejournal.com 2007-07-12 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
I feel like making an icon of that now.

[identity profile] arwensommer.livejournal.com 2007-07-11 02:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not sure if this is canon or fanon anymore, but I seem to recall somewhere that Veritaserum is not fool-proof either. Since I'm not sure which of the two that is, I'm going to just side with "fanon" and say that even if it is canon, it's unlikely that a 16 year old would be able to resist it...

Second, your thingum about Harry and book 7 made me think... With how closely Rowling is connected to the movies, you'd think that Lavender plays a role in book 7, too, why cast her otherwise? (Same really as with Luna... she's a side character at best, yet they went through great pains to cast her...) Hmm....

[identity profile] arwensommer.livejournal.com 2007-07-11 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
... Whereas Lavender is only good for S'mores? XD