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Yeeeeah, I'm definitely going back to crossposting to my LJ from DW consistently... on those occasions I post, which is rare, but I'd like it to be less so. There's a new year's resolution for you. A good chunk of my LJ-flist is doing the same, for reasons that probably don't need rehashing.

Anyway, anyone who's made the DW jump, feel free to circle me up however you'd like. Same username from LJ.

Right! Anyway! As for content! First thing's first! Yuletide!

It's always fun when the fic you receive is in the canon you requested that really, nobody needs any crazy canon knowledge in order to appreciate.

That being said... A bajillion thanks to my author, who wrote me Rest In Whirled Peace. It's Ben & Jerry's anthropomorfic and they're ice cream superheroes. I mean, come on, how can you not want to read that?

After I finished reading that... a couple times... I proceeded to show just how obsessed I was and read absolutely every fic with one Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD in the Yuletide archive. (And then I did it again the next day with Madness.) And believe me, they're all delightful, whether or not my favorite NINJA BAMF IN A SUIT is a main character or not, so please, by all means, read them and enjoy if you remotely care.

There are, of course, numerous other fics that bear reading, but I really really suck at rec lists, and most of them have been covered in other places if you're looking for recs, so far be it from me to tread on old ground.

And now, changing trajectory slightly...

Sheer morbid curiosity had me do something in a fit of temporary what-was-I-thinking-ness last night. And I happened to actually find something hiding in the mists of the internet that I thought didn't exist anymore. That being what I'm pretty sure is my oldest surviving piece of (published) fanfic. It's X-Files, it was written when I was nineteen or so... give or take a year (we're talking so old I found it on an angelfire archive). The prose is ever so slightly purple. (Ahah. Yeah. Ever so slightly.) And I kinda wanna facepalm at my younger self for the thing, if not so badly as some of the ridiculous Mary Sues I safely paper-journaled about a few years before that. And I have a conundrum. Should I post it to the AO3, with a roughly appropriate backdate? I mean, for the interests of completeness, and to see how far I've come... but, again, facepalm. But I wouldn't want to orphan it either.

Hm. Maybe with appropriate tags to let someone know what they'd be getting into.

I'll contemplate further!

And in a brief interlude covering RL... Still sadly jobless... although it being my first Christmas season out of retail since, like, '03 or so? Let's just say it was a bit surreal being home on Black Friday.

But Christmas was marvelous. Got a Kindle Fire from Andrew and it is a ridiculously fun gadget. I'll definitely be using it as a tablet more than an ereader, though. (I've got my nook for that... Had a Sony Reader, but I broke it, oops, thank God for squaretrade... But I got reimbursed and went for a new model. Thing is LOADED with fanfic now, I love it.) But man, Angry Birds is so much nicer on that screen than my phone's. >_> He also got the LotR extended edition on bluray for my whole family, to go with the huge TV we got earlier this month. :) In addition, as I commented on twitter on the day, I really appreciate socks and underwear as gifts so much more now than I did as a kid.

Also, the presents I gave were pretty much universally well-received, which always makes me extremely gratified. I love picking out the perfect present. Although the individual that expressed the most joy was, of course, my dog, who got a squeaky toy and went into transports of delight. Good times.

Anyway, wow, I think I've just said more than I've said in ages combined, so I'll leave it at that! TTFN!
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So apparently they've posted the 'Final 10 Days!' signs at the Borders I work at.

On, of course, my day off.

Wow. Just...

I'm processing this. Not that I didn't know it was coming, for obvious reasons.

But still. Man.
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Hi LJ!

... I know, I know. 14 months. You've probably forgotten who I am.

But I'm alive! :D I've just been... tumblring more than anything, I guess.

Really, I'm mostly posting because [livejournal.com profile] peridium told me to and for some reason I listened.

I would go down a rundown of my life over the last fourteen months buuuut yeah.


... And excellent timing because I'm having to jobsearch again on account of... ha, I work at Borders. *facepalm* But that weekend let me take my mind off of it!

... GIP. Just because it's funny.
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*massive wavings, first and foremost, to my newly-added fellow tag wranglers*

So yes, major piece of news is that pretty much as soon as I got my AO3 open beta account (I managed to snag number 7 in the queue, because, really, I'm just that awesome), I volunteered for the tag wrangling crew.

I pretty much anti-regret it. It's beyond fun and we're all crazy and awesome with just a hint of the necessary OCD required to wrangle those darn wuzzles, so... yes. Good times!

And I seem to be picking up new fandoms whenever I sneeze. No, I did not mean that literally.

I will admit that jumping face first into that is a large contributing factor why I utterly dropped the ball on a new [livejournal.com profile] fortycakes prompt for this week. By the time I looked up from that and the three semi-overnights I was working, I looked up, and... uh, it was this morning. But there will be a new prompt come Sunday, honest to goodness.

I'm in the middle of canon-refreshing for Yuletide. It's going a tad bit more slowly than I had anticipated, but it's also totally reminding me why I love the fandom in question in the first place.

Other major news of the day... I'm actually biting the bullet and taking a couple classes again next semester. I think the break from school was really what I needed, but everything runs its course in the long run, and I think I'm going to be happy with it. *knocks on wood*

Back to the first bit of news, I have to say it's kind of fun having a conversation with your mother in which you attempt to explain tag wrangling. Including as a bit of a humorous anecdote the massive conversation on the mailing list concerning synonyms for fellatio. XD

Aaaand I think that about covers it for now. I'm crossposting this one to LJ, just because it's also a post I would have made over there as well, although I'm still on the fence about whether or not to make the official move. We'll see.
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Yeah, I'm posting this because the segment of the journal devoted to the entries isn't even as long as the sidebar, leaving this empty gap that made me a bit >.o

So I don't really have much to say.

I'm waiting on tenterhooks for the Yuletide assignments to go out. Yulechat is amusing me in the meantime. (I mean, there was talk of My Little Pony orgies, AND I manipped Sammy Sosa's head onto Liberace's body.)

It's Friday the 13th! So far today, [personal profile] tyriangalley managed to burn her foot at work, and my boyfriend managed to shock himself on an arcade game component, also at work. I'm not superstitious, but... I think I'm kind of lucky I don't work today.

The Bears make me headdesk repeatedly, by the way. Cutler tossed five interceptions last night. Two in the red zone. One with five seconds left in the game that would have let us WIN IT if it had been, y'know, thrown to one of our guys.

Wheee AO3 goes open beta tonight. And I should totally be awake still when it comes time for the queue.

Uh, that's all. This entry should be sufficient for my nitpicky satisfaction.
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I am actually making a journalpost over here. Not that I hardly ever do to my LJ, so... yeah. Don't expect me to become crazyprolific all of a sudden. XD So have some randomness!

So, yes. Really can't wait for my Yuletide assignment. I have to wait like a week of course, but... aaagh, I have no patience.

Really really kinda hope I end up paying out the grand prize for my [livejournal.com profile] fortycakes ULTRAMEGACHALLENGE, despite how much work that would give me. I mean... that would be so epic.

My grandma's staying over at our house for a while. At least through the holidays (and her 95th birthday!). Which is good and less good at the same time. Good because I love her to death and all, less good just because it...really kinda messes with routines a little. But this is definitely a case of the good outweighing the bad and all, so yay!

I inadvertently bit into a patch of mold on a tangerine the other night. EWWWWW.

I've kinda gotten into City of Heroes lately. Was doing some missions with my boyfriend and was so amused at the nerdity of the developers. Can we say rescuing Lois Watson, Peter Kent. and Jon "Booster" Rhodes? And getting Tony Kord as a contact? Bwahahahaha. Ah, good times.

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll be signing off! Until... whenever!
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Right, so it's annoying and all watery... And I now have gauze over the thing and it's taped up.


PD <--- Pirate smiley, of course.

Although, I must say that is probably the most surreal call-out I have ever had to work.
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As usual, I'm... actually, I have a truckload to be thankful for this year, but suffice to say that I'm definitely thankful for all of YOU GUYS.

Yep. Anyone who's reading this.

Among a lot of other little things. Like having a boyfriend and stuff. Which is win. Of course. ^___^

And now my true reason for this post.


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So yes. My plague has gotten more... plagueifying. ... Which is a word because I said so.

Yesterday I was just a bit sneezy and then all of a sudden I get congested as all hell.

Today, I'm not so much with the sneezy, but still congested, and now I'm achy and might well be a bit feverish. :|

THIS IS SO NOT COOL. Because plague or no plague, I've totally got to go to work on Friday. First day back after nine days off? Yeah, so not calling out. :b

SO I HOPE I GET BETTER. I suppose this is what I get for sharing kisses with a plague-infested boyfriend. Ahwell. :b

Aaagh eggs. Well, my original egg, and then another one I got too. Ignore if you wish. )

Oh, Lord.

Oct. 28th, 2008 07:50 pm
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I have not done a substantive journalpost in ages. I dunno, it might be because I think my life is kinda... silly-like uninteresting and nobody would particularly care.

But I'll do a handful of just... random musings.

I was a bit sneezy today. But now all of a sudden, I'm HELLA CONGESTED. That is so amazingly UNCOOL.

My birthday? Was fabulous. Andrew (my boyfriend. Who, I know, I also haven't blogged about, really, which... I really need to do that, since we've been dating since, like... April? ... Okay, yeah, that's sad. BUT LATER.) got me flowerrrrrs. And like the most awesomest card ever.

... Although I think if this snuffleness is a cold, I got it from him, so... there's a TRADE-OFF, here.

I have signed up for MTYG and Yuletide. And will be attempting NaNo again. I'm insane. :b

I have become somewhat addicted to Batman/Superman slash. ... Yeah.

WTF Cubs.

But I'm nominally rooting for the Phillies, insofar as I ever follow baseball after we're eliminated.

Um.... Adopt one today! <--- Click my dragon egg? Please? :D :D :D

I have no idea how it's almost November already. I'm not entirely sure where June went yet.

fgasdkasdf I get back to work from my laze-about-at-home vacation on Friday. ... And Monday night is the start of holiday changeouts. Glaaaaaaaaah.

I have the urge to write fic of some kind. I just have no idea what. This is most annoying.

Doesn't it just figure that this past Sunday, what will probably be my only Sunday off during football season, was the Bears' bye week?

Why do I seem more broke lately than usual?

I can't help the feeling that I'm seriously missing some topic I wanted to talk about, but I can't for the life of me imagine what it might be.

... I might do another randomness post of some kind later. If you have anything you wanna see in it, feel free to request it in a comment. :D Maybe it'll even be whatever it was I forgot about! :D
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One (among many) good thing about the Cubs clinching the division silly-early this year...

My division champs t-shirt shipped today.

Last two times it happened, I didn't get the shirt until after the first round of the playoffs was over.

Which... kinda sucked last year. :b


Jul. 24th, 2008 03:59 pm
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The good part about having a dog is the ability to make loldogs.

As so. )

Well, that and he's adorable.

*goes back to her NOT POSTING ANYTHING EVAR*
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Okay. So I got a new car. He's a green '92 Ford Probe.

I'm trying to think of names for him. I want it vaguely fandomy-ish.

There are two names I've thought of thus far. They both have pros and cons.

One: CARDIS. >_> Just because... It's funny as hell. Cons being that it's green and not blue, and... I don't actually watch Doctor Who. XD

Two: Well... It's green. It's seen better days, and a lot of people would think poorly of it. But I trust it implicitly nonetheless. Hence... Severus! The only con in this instance... I totally intend to eventually get plates that say RAVNCLW. So. Uh. Wrong house, there. XD

HOWEVER. I'm leaning a bit towards the latter nonetheless... BUT IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE, DO LET ME KNOW.


Five things meme. That is all. XD
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Okay. So the family trip to Yellowstone that mom won last year is about to commence.

We leave for the airport in... ohhh, about two hours.

Back on the sixth, pretty late.

May be textable, on and off. Depends on reception, which I know is a bit spotty. ;)

I have like ten books and a notebook packed in my carryon. This is so sad. XD

That being said... I LOVE YOU ALL.

And I'll see you on the flipside.

Oh. And I hope the Cubs are in first when I get back. ;)

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While I'm still fresh from the movie, and mulling it over, I will offer my reactions.

But first. Entered the theater way late because I was waiting in line for the 12:15 showing for a while after they already LET my 11:59 one in. So seats were amazing crap. Right down in front and ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT. But.

Hahah. While I was waiting in the wrong line, IN MY COSTUME, (which, there was nobody else in costume IN line, that I saw. But there were quite a few in the theater, so I felt less freakish)... A pair of teenage girls came up to me. They wanted to know if one of them could take a picture of me with her friend. XD I did. So if I randomly show up on a random myspace with a caption like 'LOOK AT THE TREMENDOUS GEEK HAHAHA', I would not be surprised. XD

After I figured OUT I was in the wrong line, and went to enter the theater, some guy saw me and totally air-wand Expelliarmus-ed at me.. I promptly pulled out my non-air-wand from my wand-pocket. He actually freaked out and clung to his friend. I died laughing.


Spoilery. Maybe. Kinda. )


Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:07 am
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Here I shall proceed to be a dork. And pimp out my younger brother's band. I do this not because he's my younger brother and he rocks (although he is, and he does...) But I actually like their stuff. (And actually BOUGHT one of their songs, even though I'm sure he woulda sent me the mp3 if I asked. No matter!)

So yes. Pimp pimp pimp!

Go listen and stuff. And if you like them, vote for them or something. Yeah. See me be a good big sister. :D
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So. Finally home from Disney World. Plane delays are awesome.

Will do a lovely detailed vacation rundown. With pictures! At some point.

But for now... here's a preview, because it must be shared.

Quite possibly the coolest thing that has happened to be in almost EVER. )

That is all. Thank you.
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... Before I leave for Jackson. Which is before I leave TOMORROW for... AAAAAAAAH DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmm. Okay. What do I have to say.


This is so belated. But. They're up! As ALWAYS, the one of mine that got remixed ended up like eighty times better in the remixing. SO GO READ IT..

As for the one I wrote... I like it, although I was a little bit worried about it, because it seemed... I dunno. Kinda... Actually, if I state my main objection to it, it really kinda gives it away, which I don't want to do. BUT. I've gotten more than ONE piece of feedback. And positive feedback at that, so it seems that my recipient enjoys it, which is good, and even if she was just being polite (XD), a couple other people who WEREN'T obligated replied too. So hah. Or something.

That being said, I'll not be around, I don't think, for the reveals. BUT I promise to properly thank my author when I get back (next Thursday), and also reply to feedback at that point in time. Bwee.

Um... Anything else, anything else... I dunno.

I doubt it.

Spohali, I'm gonna send you a going away e-mail because I'm lame like that. Keep an eye out.


Of course the beauty of our timing here is that I'm going to be missing practically EVERY SEASON FINALE EVER. (Except House. Thank God the AI finale is gonna be pushing that back, because I had a conundrum as to whether to tape it or DWTS. That was just CRUEL.)

SO. I have SPN and both DWTS eps set to tape. Barring any catastrophe, I should be able to watch them. The odds of my managing to avoid spoilers when I get back are kinda slim, but c'est la vie.

Oh. But I WILL be voting for Joey from my cell. In Disney World. On the Pacific Time voting schedule. Because my area code. Yes. BUT I WON'T BE ABLE TO VOTE ONLINE.






Ha. *mass of tags*
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Okay. So I gave myself a head injury and got sent home!

It's Monday night. Time to prepare the new books to get put out for tomorrow.

So I was going to load some boxes of the new Hannibal book onto a dolly to take them up to the registers to have them stickered and whatnot.

First box goes on the dolly.


Dolly springs back and then forward, and clonks me in the forehead.

Ow, that kinda hurts.


Erin reels backward... and trips over a nearby pallet.

Newton says: GRAVITY, BITCH.

I blink a few times, and collect myself, picking up my glasses from where they flew off my face. I walk out of the back room, go look in the mirror by the restrooms to make sure I'm not bleeding.

I'm not, but I've already got a bruise. Fun.

I go show Amber, the sales manager, intending on just laughing over it and getting back to work.

Um, yeah, nobody was having any of that.

So, lovely cafe Christina drove me home. And now I'm sitting here with ice.

And I feel bad that Amber doesn't get my help with the laydowns tonight. :\

Funny, my hand (from where I caught myself with the pallet) hurts more than my head.


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