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First of all...

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I am a bit shocked that there is any way shape or form that I could be considered 'cool', but I'll take it.

Anyway, as of late I've been sucked into the joy and amazing that is feelschat. ... Er, an AIM blast group of Clint/Coulson fans, and oh my God, talk about full of fun and bouncy and mutual fangirling and the occasional okay frequent sometimes large buckets of angst, and everything is beautiful and somehow sometimes everything hurts at the same time. But I'm rambling.

It's done wonders for my fic productivity, although I don't know if the couple little ficlets I did just to share with chat will ever reach wider distribution. That remains to be seen. First, I work on the thing I've been poking at for ages. One step at a time.

Last night, I spent a hefty chunk of time going through my really ancient LJ entries... like, from my very first journal and everything, and wow... 'Was I ever that young?' comes to mind. XD

In other news... Well, there really isn't much in the way of other news. BUT HELLO ANYONE WHO'S READING THIS, YOU ROCK. :D


Aug. 20th, 2006 07:28 pm
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ErinDizmo (7:24:55 PM): Know what's the most fun thing EVER to do with fortune cookies?
ErinDizmo (7:24:58 PM): Instead of In Bed....
ErinDizmo (7:25:05 PM): Add 'On A Motherfuckin' Plane!'
rainbeauxms (7:25:16 PM): *sNORK*
rainbeauxms (7:25:19 PM): You win. <3
ErinDizmo (7:26:37 PM): Mine for the day is 'You have at your command the wisdom of the ages ON A MOTHERFUCKIN' PLANE.'
rainbeauxms (7:27:31 PM): XD
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As relayed to [livejournal.com profile] leany75

Me (1:54:15 AM): I had one of the STRANGEST EXPERIENCES IN RECENT MEMORY today.
Leany (1:54:34 AM): What's that, dear?
Me (1:55:06 AM): Okay. Justin and I were driving home from work. He had to drop some friends off at their respective homes, and they were close to the highway, so we got on it, and it went by the Strip...
Leany (1:55:24 AM): uh huh?
Me (1:55:43 AM): Okay, you're aware of the Luxor? Big pyramid shaped hotel with GIGANTIC SPOTLIGHT pointing straight up?
Leany (1:56:37 AM): Ah huh
Me (1:57:41 AM): Okay. So we're approaching it, and.. the spotlight looks.. a WHOLE lot brighter near the bottom. From the point of the pyramid to, like, 150-200 feet up. Then it just... dims. Like.. there's a barrier. Justin and I hypothesize that maybe they're sending smoke up from the top to brighten up the beam...
Leany (1:58:02 AM): Ah huh?
Me (1:58:21 AM): Well, we get closer, and it looks... SHIMMERY in the bright area. Justin's like... Is it water or something?
Me (1:58:32 AM): Then as we get real close, I squint closely...
Me (1:58:33 AM): And realize...
Me (1:58:41 AM): It's moths.
Leany (1:58:49 AM): *WEIRD*
Me (1:58:50 AM): Like... At least a couple hundred thousand moths.
Leany (2:00:14 AM): That is pretty freak-ish.
Leany (2:00:17 AM): But in a wicked cool way.
Me (2:00:21 AM): Seriously.
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Rainee (5:02:55 PM): It is 7 PM and still sunny out.
Rainee (5:03:02 PM): This time change screws with my head.
Me (5:03:14 PM): *giggle*
Me (5:03:16 PM): Sun> n.n
Rainee (5:03:18 PM): Aside from the fact that I laid down a minute ago because my back hurt, and then woke up 5 hours later.
Me (5:03:29 PM): Sun> n.n
Rainee (5:03:38 PM): Which has nothing to do with DST, just... still.
Me (5:04:02 PM): Sun> *still happy!* I GET TO STAY OUT LATE!
Rainee (5:04:57 PM): Yay! And sleep in, too!
Rainee (5:05:01 PM): Congratulations, you're in college.
Me (5:05:23 PM): Sun> But only for six months a year. :<
Me (5:05:40 PM): Sun> The moon gets to stay up all the TIME.
Me (5:05:45 PM): Sun> It's no FAIR.
Rainee (5:05:54 PM): You get a 4.0 just for attendance, though! That's a way better deal than the rest of us!
Me (5:06:11 PM): Sun> And then SOMETIMES the moon's all attention hog and STANDS IN FRONT OF ME.
Me (5:06:21 PM): Sun> MY LIFE SUCKS! *cries*
Rainee (5:06:29 PM): *cuddles Sun*
Me (5:06:41 PM): Sun> *sniffles plaintively*
Rainee (5:06:57 PM): But you're a good source of vitamin D and make things grow!
Rainee (5:07:11 PM): You're beautiful AND smart! The moon may be pretty, but she's the dumbest ho on the block.
Me (5:07:45 PM): Sun> *sniffle* She is?
Me (5:07:55 PM): Moon> OMGWTF?!!
Me (5:08:09 PM): Moon> Liek, r u dissin me??!!!??!?1!?
Rainee (5:08:12 PM): *elbows moon* shutupIamtryingtopreventaworldwidecatastrophehere
Me (5:08:26 PM): Moon> HMPH.
Me (5:08:34 PM): Sun> So you like me?
Rainee (5:08:56 PM): Of course I like you! As much as it rains up here, you make me happy! I love it when you set on a clear day and I can throw open the blinds.
Me (5:09:05 PM): Sun> n.n
Me (5:09:10 PM): I'm psycho.
Rainee (5:09:14 PM): Yeah, well.
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ErinDizmo (12:42:53 PM): I wonder if there's Babysitters Club femslash out there...
ErinDizmo (12:43:09 PM): And that is probably one of the MOST WRONG THOUGHTS I HAVE EVER HAD EVER.


Oct. 6th, 2003 08:01 am
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ErinDizmo (7:56:26 AM): I had a FUCKED UP DREAM of the highest order.
RainbeauxMS (7:56:31 AM): Gooood morni--?
ErinDizmo (7:56:47 AM): I was at Wrigley, kay....
RainbeauxMS (7:56:57 AM): Woot?
ErinDizmo (7:57:01 AM): I was watching a game...
ErinDizmo (7:57:15 AM): Sitting in front of the brick wall on a folding chair immediately behind home plate.....
ErinDizmo (7:57:27 AM): The players were on a bench to my immediate left....
RainbeauxMS (7:57:36 AM): Uh.
ErinDizmo (7:57:42 AM): It gets weirder.
ErinDizmo (7:57:44 AM): And I'm watching the game.... And Mark Remlinger's pitching...
ErinDizmo (7:57:51 AM): And all of a sudden, he starts doing FREAKY shit.
ErinDizmo (7:57:56 AM): Like... He's in a UPS uniform.....
ErinDizmo (7:58:04 AM): And he's floating.
RainbeauxMS (7:58:11 AM): o.O;
ErinDizmo (7:58:28 AM): And he starts pitching some weirdass stuff that moves in ways physics never intends.
ErinDizmo (7:58:46 AM): Among the notables in the CROWD were Cameron Diaz......
ErinDizmo (7:59:03 AM): The devil or SOMEONE, but he had a sweatshirt with math equations printed on it...
ErinDizmo (7:59:12 AM): And an elephant made of silver.
ErinDizmo (7:59:14 AM): Oh, and you.
RainbeauxMS (7:59:22 AM): Wait wait, why are we dragging me into this?
ErinDizmo (7:59:27 AM): You were just there.
ErinDizmo (7:59:37 AM): Well SOMETHING happened with you just before I woke up, but..
ErinDizmo (8:00:12 AM): So yes. That was my dream.

Cubs playoff series victories apparently do WEIRD THINGS to my head.


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