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So apparently they've posted the 'Final 10 Days!' signs at the Borders I work at.

On, of course, my day off.

Wow. Just...

I'm processing this. Not that I didn't know it was coming, for obvious reasons.

But still. Man.

Oh, Lord.

Oct. 28th, 2008 07:50 pm
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I have not done a substantive journalpost in ages. I dunno, it might be because I think my life is kinda... silly-like uninteresting and nobody would particularly care.

But I'll do a handful of just... random musings.

I was a bit sneezy today. But now all of a sudden, I'm HELLA CONGESTED. That is so amazingly UNCOOL.

My birthday? Was fabulous. Andrew (my boyfriend. Who, I know, I also haven't blogged about, really, which... I really need to do that, since we've been dating since, like... April? ... Okay, yeah, that's sad. BUT LATER.) got me flowerrrrrs. And like the most awesomest card ever.

... Although I think if this snuffleness is a cold, I got it from him, so... there's a TRADE-OFF, here.

I have signed up for MTYG and Yuletide. And will be attempting NaNo again. I'm insane. :b

I have become somewhat addicted to Batman/Superman slash. ... Yeah.

WTF Cubs.

But I'm nominally rooting for the Phillies, insofar as I ever follow baseball after we're eliminated.

Um.... Adopt one today! <--- Click my dragon egg? Please? :D :D :D

I have no idea how it's almost November already. I'm not entirely sure where June went yet.

fgasdkasdf I get back to work from my laze-about-at-home vacation on Friday. ... And Monday night is the start of holiday changeouts. Glaaaaaaaaah.

I have the urge to write fic of some kind. I just have no idea what. This is most annoying.

Doesn't it just figure that this past Sunday, what will probably be my only Sunday off during football season, was the Bears' bye week?

Why do I seem more broke lately than usual?

I can't help the feeling that I'm seriously missing some topic I wanted to talk about, but I can't for the life of me imagine what it might be.

... I might do another randomness post of some kind later. If you have anything you wanna see in it, feel free to request it in a comment. :D Maybe it'll even be whatever it was I forgot about! :D
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Okay. So I gave myself a head injury and got sent home!

It's Monday night. Time to prepare the new books to get put out for tomorrow.

So I was going to load some boxes of the new Hannibal book onto a dolly to take them up to the registers to have them stickered and whatnot.

First box goes on the dolly.


Dolly springs back and then forward, and clonks me in the forehead.

Ow, that kinda hurts.


Erin reels backward... and trips over a nearby pallet.

Newton says: GRAVITY, BITCH.

I blink a few times, and collect myself, picking up my glasses from where they flew off my face. I walk out of the back room, go look in the mirror by the restrooms to make sure I'm not bleeding.

I'm not, but I've already got a bruise. Fun.

I go show Amber, the sales manager, intending on just laughing over it and getting back to work.

Um, yeah, nobody was having any of that.

So, lovely cafe Christina drove me home. And now I'm sitting here with ice.

And I feel bad that Amber doesn't get my help with the laydowns tonight. :\

Funny, my hand (from where I caught myself with the pallet) hurts more than my head.
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Marika> DO TELL!
Erin> Or rather, an evening of them.
Erin> It was fine for the most part.
Erin> OKAY.
Erin> At around... 8, I think, I do a cash pickup from a drawer that has too much money. Get the money, take it back to the cash office, toss it in the safe, all is good.
Erin> About... fifteen minutes later, a customer wants me to unlock the DVD box sets for him. I'm like... SURE!... and then realized I locked my keys in the cash office.
Erin> Oops.
Erin> So I get Ben, have him open the door for me so I can retrieve my keys!
Marika> ...
Marika> Erin, you are stupid. XD
Erin> Oh, this gets better.
Erin> Then, at ten, I start closing drawers. Get the first two, count down the safes and the first drawer, all is well, go to the second.. realize that I left the checks and the hundreds that were under the till.
Erin> ... Have to go back for them. But that goes fairly painlessly.
Erin> Go get the next two drawers..
Erin> Come back...
Erin> Realize I locked my keys in the cash office AGAIN!
Erin> =D
Erin> At that point, I was like ......
Marika> ...
Erin> For the rest of the night, I obsessively checked my keys whenever I left that room. XD


Jun. 12th, 2006 09:30 pm
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For the record, the interview went well, in my personal opinion.

I also got to use the phrase 'Backstabbing lunatics' as WELL as the phrase 'So-and-so says you suck!'

So... Yeah. More power to me.

*cuddles Mr. Glitch*
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Okay. So I'm off to work. Right after work, I interview for the open supervisor position.

I think I have a fairly decentish shot at it, but I'm still nervous as all hell. But perhaps that's as it should be.

Por favor, send me good luck vibes? XD
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Ahhhh, a beautiful concordance happened to me today.

1. Beginning of 5 day stretch of Borders Employee Savings Days. 40% off... pretty much everything.
2. Utilization of a 40 dollar gift card that had been given to me free as a result of our store's CSI results for the third quarter (that I got even though I didn't start working until after said third quarter.. ;)
3. Highest percentage of e-mail address collection for people with over 100 transactions for last week, thus entitling me to three free promo book copies from the GM's office.
(Corollary to 3: One of the promos available being one of the books I was planning to buy already utilizing number 2! Mwahaha!)

Final result of concordance:

There are just over 150 dollars worth of books sitting on my bed right now.

I spent just under 15 bucks to bring them home.

Life is beautiful.

....Pity I don't have time to READ them. XD
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6am mandatory store meeting.

I could be ASLEEP right now.

But noooooo, I gotta go to work.

Grumble grumble grumble.

And I'm pretty sure when we get out at 7, I'll be too awake to go back to sleep.

Not that it'll stop me from trying.
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I believe I already gave notice in the feedback form that I want to bear your children. For the record, that still holds.

For everyone else? Go read Here With You, I Have All That I Desire. Because! Timbertrick! Chris-family! FOOD FIGHT! I am a STANDING TOWER OF SQUEE!!!

Seriously. After the RIDICULOUSLY LONG AND SLOW EVENING THAT WAS WORK TONIGHT, as everyone apparently was doing last minute Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart, and not Lowe's.... getting back to this has pasted a grin on my face that will last a good week.

At least.



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