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So. I was bored. And therefore I decided to randomly make a picture of Crowley. (From Good Omens, the pwniest book that ever did pwn, for any unaware folkses on my FL who are actually bothering enough to read this.)

I fail miserably at ears. And shading. And Crowley himself would be appalled at the very not-Crowley reference pic that I used. But. Hey! It killed time!

Enough rambling, Erin. On with the pic. )

Maybe I should do Zira sometime.
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Okay. This one's gonna require a bit of backstory.

Yesterday, I went and picked up my sixth er.. second (Yeah! Second!) puppet over at [livejournal.com profile] desperatefans. (It was out of a lot of urging in the OOC chat. Or, okay, me coming up with the idea, getting a LITTLE urging, and then going to do it. But I digress..)

From Good Omens. Pestilence. The Horseman that retired in 1936 (cuz of, y'know, penicillin and everything), replaced by Pollution, mentioned, like, ONCE, (well, once and a half), and then summarily forgotten.

Well with the four neo-horsemen wandering about, the comm needed a retired one.

So I get Pestilence.

Last night, when I was getting ready to go to sleep, in an attempt to keep me awake (it had something to do with the destruction of Zimbabwe), the OOC chat spawned Pestilence's pet. Oozy Oozebourne. The Chibi!Plague.

It's the bubonic plague. Only.. well.. cute and cuddly. And all chibi!

Since then, Oozy has managed to acquire a pith helmet and a monocle. (Don't ask, you really don't wanna know.)

And after they played fetch with Pesti's ear, and moved on to Twister, I decided to draw them.

And therefore, I give you, produced by my limited art skills...

Pestilence and Oozy! )

Okay. Crack-addled Erin is finished, now. You can move on.
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Well, I'm normally horrible at shouting out to my FL for their birthdays (so... happy belated birthday to absolutely EVERYONE I HAVE MISSED EVER.....), but... after finally finishing my SeSa, I had some creativity left to use, and I figured.... who better to use it for on a birthday than the ever-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] fuskeez.

So, in a remarkably cheap knockoff, and with the caveat that I have absolutely no idea what Candy looks like, so I vehemently avoid vouching for the accuracy of my stick figures.. here we go!

It's the way... A birthday tribute to CANDY! )


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