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As relayed to [livejournal.com profile] leany75

Me (1:54:15 AM): I had one of the STRANGEST EXPERIENCES IN RECENT MEMORY today.
Leany (1:54:34 AM): What's that, dear?
Me (1:55:06 AM): Okay. Justin and I were driving home from work. He had to drop some friends off at their respective homes, and they were close to the highway, so we got on it, and it went by the Strip...
Leany (1:55:24 AM): uh huh?
Me (1:55:43 AM): Okay, you're aware of the Luxor? Big pyramid shaped hotel with GIGANTIC SPOTLIGHT pointing straight up?
Leany (1:56:37 AM): Ah huh
Me (1:57:41 AM): Okay. So we're approaching it, and.. the spotlight looks.. a WHOLE lot brighter near the bottom. From the point of the pyramid to, like, 150-200 feet up. Then it just... dims. Like.. there's a barrier. Justin and I hypothesize that maybe they're sending smoke up from the top to brighten up the beam...
Leany (1:58:02 AM): Ah huh?
Me (1:58:21 AM): Well, we get closer, and it looks... SHIMMERY in the bright area. Justin's like... Is it water or something?
Me (1:58:32 AM): Then as we get real close, I squint closely...
Me (1:58:33 AM): And realize...
Me (1:58:41 AM): It's moths.
Leany (1:58:49 AM): *WEIRD*
Me (1:58:50 AM): Like... At least a couple hundred thousand moths.
Leany (2:00:14 AM): That is pretty freak-ish.
Leany (2:00:17 AM): But in a wicked cool way.
Me (2:00:21 AM): Seriously.
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Dude!  It's snowing.  What's more, it's sticking.  In Vegas.  Dude!
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I am currently sitting in the New York New York with Rainee eating ice cream. Life is good.


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