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2012-12-26 02:36 pm
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I must have been very very good this year.

Amazing Yuletide fic and then three Madness treats? Yes please.

Anyway, starting off with my main gift fic:

Solar System (Anthropomorphic) )

And then on to my three (yes, three!) Madness treats:

Three fics, in AO3 Tags/Fandom Meta, Solar System (Anthropomorphic), and Robin Hood (Disney 1973) )
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2012-01-01 11:53 am
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Yuletide roundup!

First of all... yaaay, happy new year!

Next... What a fun yuletide that was! Now that the dust has settled, and reveals have happened, it's time for a post!

First thing's first. Ridiculous amounts of thanks go to [archiveofourown.org profile] baniszew for Rest In Whirled Peace. Again. How can I reiterate how awesome it is to read about superheroic ice cream flavors? All of the awesome, and that's that! Cannot say how thrilled I was.

As far as my own output goes, I ended up writing four fics. My assignment, a pinch hit, and two small treats.

First up, my full lengths:

Appointments, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] ferdelance. Discworld. A morning in Vetinari's office. Footnotes a-plenty. Fun to write, most certainly. Even if I stressed out a couple times in the writing all Oh God why did I say I could write Vetinari what was I thinking?!

The Calm Before, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] brandnewsoul. Captain America: The First Avenger. It's an interlude between Steve and Peggy on the morning before that last raid on HYDRA hq. Sweet and bittersweet at the same time, and I'm glad I had a chance to write it.

And then, my madness treats, both quite short:

First Try, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] kissoffools. Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve's reaction to his first 4F. I just love capturing those missing moments we don't see in canon, and I'm pretty fond of this little ficlet.

Strong Suit, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] JaneTurenne. The Avengers (2012). Yes. It's a ficlet written from the POV of one of Agent Coulson's suits. Because this is how I roll. The end. :)

I swear, December 2011 was one of, if not the most productive month I've ever had as far as fic goes. Makes me feel a wee bit accomplished and I kind of hope I can keep up... well, if not writing so prolifically, at least writing regularly during '12. Well, time will tell!
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2011-12-30 12:27 pm

Yuletide and various sundry other things... AKA, gasp, Erin's posting something.

Yeeeeah, I'm definitely going back to crossposting to my LJ from DW consistently... on those occasions I post, which is rare, but I'd like it to be less so. There's a new year's resolution for you. A good chunk of my LJ-flist is doing the same, for reasons that probably don't need rehashing.

Anyway, anyone who's made the DW jump, feel free to circle me up however you'd like. Same username from LJ.

Right! Anyway! As for content! First thing's first! Yuletide!

It's always fun when the fic you receive is in the canon you requested that really, nobody needs any crazy canon knowledge in order to appreciate.

That being said... A bajillion thanks to my author, who wrote me Rest In Whirled Peace. It's Ben & Jerry's anthropomorfic and they're ice cream superheroes. I mean, come on, how can you not want to read that?

After I finished reading that... a couple times... I proceeded to show just how obsessed I was and read absolutely every fic with one Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD in the Yuletide archive. (And then I did it again the next day with Madness.) And believe me, they're all delightful, whether or not my favorite NINJA BAMF IN A SUIT is a main character or not, so please, by all means, read them and enjoy if you remotely care.

There are, of course, numerous other fics that bear reading, but I really really suck at rec lists, and most of them have been covered in other places if you're looking for recs, so far be it from me to tread on old ground.

And now, changing trajectory slightly...

Sheer morbid curiosity had me do something in a fit of temporary what-was-I-thinking-ness last night. And I happened to actually find something hiding in the mists of the internet that I thought didn't exist anymore. That being what I'm pretty sure is my oldest surviving piece of (published) fanfic. It's X-Files, it was written when I was nineteen or so... give or take a year (we're talking so old I found it on an angelfire archive). The prose is ever so slightly purple. (Ahah. Yeah. Ever so slightly.) And I kinda wanna facepalm at my younger self for the thing, if not so badly as some of the ridiculous Mary Sues I safely paper-journaled about a few years before that. And I have a conundrum. Should I post it to the AO3, with a roughly appropriate backdate? I mean, for the interests of completeness, and to see how far I've come... but, again, facepalm. But I wouldn't want to orphan it either.

Hm. Maybe with appropriate tags to let someone know what they'd be getting into.

I'll contemplate further!

And in a brief interlude covering RL... Still sadly jobless... although it being my first Christmas season out of retail since, like, '03 or so? Let's just say it was a bit surreal being home on Black Friday.

But Christmas was marvelous. Got a Kindle Fire from Andrew and it is a ridiculously fun gadget. I'll definitely be using it as a tablet more than an ereader, though. (I've got my nook for that... Had a Sony Reader, but I broke it, oops, thank God for squaretrade... But I got reimbursed and went for a new model. Thing is LOADED with fanfic now, I love it.) But man, Angry Birds is so much nicer on that screen than my phone's. >_> He also got the LotR extended edition on bluray for my whole family, to go with the huge TV we got earlier this month. :) In addition, as I commented on twitter on the day, I really appreciate socks and underwear as gifts so much more now than I did as a kid.

Also, the presents I gave were pretty much universally well-received, which always makes me extremely gratified. I love picking out the perfect present. Although the individual that expressed the most joy was, of course, my dog, who got a squeaky toy and went into transports of delight. Good times.

Anyway, wow, I think I've just said more than I've said in ages combined, so I'll leave it at that! TTFN!
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2010-04-13 02:52 am
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It's kind of an amazing thing when you find your Doctor.

Right. So Doctor Who.

I've always been fairly familiar with the mythology and basic story.

I've watched some of the Tom Baker serials with Andrew, bought him a scarf for his birthday. It was pretty epic.

I've recently decided to actually attempt to really get into it, thank goodness for streaming Netflix.

I steamed through Nine pretty quickly, and he was fantastic and all.

Ten, I find rather enjoyable, and am about halfway through his first season, and of course have every intention of catching up in time, although am not watching nearly as quickly.

But, y'know... new Doctor, I kinda wanted to get in on the ground floor and not continue to lag behind while the Whovians on my various lists get the joy...

So I've mainlined the first two Matt Smith episodes tonight along with [livejournal.com profile] tyriangalley, and having just finished...

And oh my God the immense squee that Eleven has engendered in me... I cannot even begin to describe it.

Just... Wow. I can't even begin to describe my... effervescent glee.

I... actually have a Doctor.


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2009-12-24 11:29 pm
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Absolute ecstatic rambling.

Don't want to further strain the AO3 servers at the moment by posting a comment, although I will later...

Yuletide author? How is it you know me better than I know myself? Because... oh my GOD, I literally had to remind myself to breathe after I finished reading my story. It was just... wonderful and sweet and misty-eye-making and... awesome, and the complete epitome of everything I asked for in that prompt.

I'm STILL grinning, in fact.

That being said...

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Babylon 5? Go now and read Bearing Witness.

It's Vir... oh, it's everything that makes Vir Vir. And it's... the Londo and G'Kar dynamic that... Man, if I didn't know better, I'd honestly think JMS wrote this fic himself.


Okay, that's all. Seriously.

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2008-04-15 08:50 pm
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Obligatory Spohaliversary Post. That's not really obligatory. But I wanted to do it anyway.

Yeah, so everyone else has said it way better than I actually could.

So mine is going to be short and sweet.

Let's do it again next year. :)
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2008-04-02 12:43 am
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Okay, so.

To the handful of people who friended me after [livejournal.com profile] rhombal's Epic Bandom Prank of Epic Win, with which I was minorly involved, ummm....



Little primer. I'm Erin. I'm 27, live in Vegas, work in a bookstore, and am, as I referred to it as [livejournal.com profile] nottheprankster, in the Kuiper Belt of bandom. Meaning basically... I can actually distinguish most of the members in a core group of the bands involved, have caught myself singing along to the occasional song, and have read a fic or two. Oh. And wrote a sonnet. XD

I really don't post much. And what I do tends to be... Random and silly. But you're welcome to it!!!

Other interests include popslash (my first love!), Chicago sports (GO CUBS!), and most of the Discovery Channel family of programming (DUDE. MYTHBUSTERS. EXPLOSIONS. THAT IS ALL.).

That being said. Hi! Nice to have new friends! Whee!
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2008-02-12 10:36 am
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*dances* *and stuff*
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2007-08-01 02:47 am
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I'm leaving on a jet plane. Or something.

Okay. So the family trip to Yellowstone that mom won last year is about to commence.

We leave for the airport in... ohhh, about two hours.

Back on the sixth, pretty late.

May be textable, on and off. Depends on reception, which I know is a bit spotty. ;)

I have like ten books and a notebook packed in my carryon. This is so sad. XD

That being said... I LOVE YOU ALL.

And I'll see you on the flipside.

Oh. And I hope the Cubs are in first when I get back. ;)

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2007-07-11 03:59 am
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Okay. OotP.

While I'm still fresh from the movie, and mulling it over, I will offer my reactions.

But first. Entered the theater way late because I was waiting in line for the 12:15 showing for a while after they already LET my 11:59 one in. So seats were amazing crap. Right down in front and ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT. But.

Hahah. While I was waiting in the wrong line, IN MY COSTUME, (which, there was nobody else in costume IN line, that I saw. But there were quite a few in the theater, so I felt less freakish)... A pair of teenage girls came up to me. They wanted to know if one of them could take a picture of me with her friend. XD I did. So if I randomly show up on a random myspace with a caption like 'LOOK AT THE TREMENDOUS GEEK HAHAHA', I would not be surprised. XD

After I figured OUT I was in the wrong line, and went to enter the theater, some guy saw me and totally air-wand Expelliarmus-ed at me.. I promptly pulled out my non-air-wand from my wand-pocket. He actually freaked out and clung to his friend. I died laughing.


Spoilery. Maybe. Kinda. )
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2007-06-06 02:50 pm


June 6. Barricade Day, per Les Mis. Therefore, for the third year in a row, I have... MADE A BARRICAKE.

It's the BEST BARRICAKE YET, too. It has a sekkrit ingredient.

Anyway, pictures here and here...

And then...


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2007-05-25 01:42 am
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Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

So. Finally home from Disney World. Plane delays are awesome.

Will do a lovely detailed vacation rundown. With pictures! At some point.

But for now... here's a preview, because it must be shared.

Quite possibly the coolest thing that has happened to be in almost EVER. )

That is all. Thank you.
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2006-10-01 10:20 pm
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*clears her throat*


That is all.

Thank you.
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2006-08-18 02:25 am


Pure movie gold, my friends.

If you don't plan on seeing it...... change your plans.

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2006-08-06 08:48 pm
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Yeah, it's the pic of Dream that Gneil drew for me. n.n

The entire autograph behind the cut! )
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2006-08-05 08:27 pm
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This week has just all kinds of pwned so far. Or at least the last two days of it.

Directly from #dfooc. Uncut cuz 1) It's not that long, really and 2) It just WINS THAT MUCH.

Erin> OH MY GOD.
Erin> OH MY GOD.
Marius> I think my head broke.
Erin> Someone comes up to get his tickets... Hands him his ID..
Erin> He looks down...
Erin> It's a Wisconsin drivers license...
Erin> Name...
Erin> 'Neil Gaiman'.
Mimi> ... OH
Marius> ewsrytduif78g9upio0jl',.
Mimi> MY
Mimi> GOD
Erin> Justin: ... I think I'm reading one of your books!
Erin> Gneil: ... Oh, really, which one?
Rainee> That is utterly the best single possible reply to getting that license XD
Erin> Justin: ... Neverwhere? (I loaned it to him a couple days ago.)
Erin> Gneil: Yeah, that's mine.
Erin> Justin: Actually, it was my sister who told me to read it...
Erin> Gneil: Well, would you like me to scribble something down for her?
Erin> I.
Rainee> K:JSDFM
Erin> Have.
Erin> Gneil's.
Mimi> ...
Mimi> Oh
Erin> Autograph.
Marius> waesrtdy6rf78gyuibhjnlm
Mimi> My
Mimi> God
Erin> I. KNOW.
Marius> ...So do I.
Marius> (And I got a cookie from him too. :D)
Rainee> Is it just his name or what?
Mimi> ... you know. Madison isn't that far away
Erin> It says, so he says, 'Erin, Sweet Dreams! Neil Gaiman'. With a drawing of Dream.
Mimi> But he's obviously in Vegas right now, shit
Rainee> JSDFN
Erin> YES.
Rainee> SO MUCH WIN.
Erin> So apparently he's friends with Penn and Teller and is working on something with them.
Rainee> OK now I totally have to get you an autograph from Chris that says "FKA <3s you too" or something. XD
Erin> XD
Rainee> ... Dude, Penn+Teller/Gneil = ftw.
Erin> I was trying to EAT MY DINNER, I get this call, and I start shrieking like a mdawoman.
Erin> I think I'm STILL bright red.
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2006-04-15 08:33 pm
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Did someone name Remix 2006 'The Year of the Erin' without telling me?

So! Popslash remixes are up.

And just... wow.

First of all, the one thing that's always simultaneously awesome and a bit indignifying is the way the remixes I get always end up being better than ym stories... XD

But then, add that to the fact that one of the remixes is remixing the lovely SeSa I got in '04, that made me squee then and makes me squee again now...

... and the remix written for Rainee is remixing the silly little het birthday fic she wrote me for my 21st back in '01, in which I'm actually a character, albeit rather tangientially at this point, and, y'know, I feel kinda bad for getting in the way of the bittersweet slashy that was added....

... Dude. I'm one happy chick right here!

*dances around giggling*
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2006-01-01 03:43 pm

Okay, so!

DWNOGA authors have been revealed!

So I can finally officially say that the person who owns my soul for writing Cracking the Love Code is the wonderful and amazing [livejournal.com profile] adelate. Who received no fewer than three pieces of feedback from me the day stories went live, not counting my journal post, and probably would have received more had I not willfully sat on my hands and told myself that spamming my writer's inbox is not the best sign of lurve. ;)

My own story, Five, for [livejournal.com profile] sarahq, I have mixed feelings about. She liked it, and I'm ever so relieved about that, but I almost wish I could have done the bunny a bit more justice. Unfortunately, I got said bunny a bit too late in the game to really give it the workover it, and she, deserved, but for my first attempt at GSF, I don't think I did all that badly with it. So there we are.

......... Is it time for SeSa '06 yet?
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2005-07-18 10:53 am
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Erin's Crazified Challenge Weekend Summary. Yay.

Okay. Time to sum up my positively fabulous weekend.

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

That. Was such. A great. Weekend. The end.
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2005-07-14 07:04 am
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Off t'airport!

I'm out like disco!

Anyone who'll be in Chicago.... See you there!